Ultimate Guide To Surfing In Western Australia

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Western Australia occupies around a third of the entire country’s space. It covers up to 2.645 million square kilometres, making it a massive area. It is so gigantic that some short countries can easily fit inside Western Australia. This vast territory provides various landscapes, from the dusty Outback to the salt-washed scrub hills of the Cape Naturaliste. Because of its massive size, there are over two thousand beaches that you can visit for surfing. Margaret River typically overpowers the rest with its perfectly tubular river mouths and well-defined point breaks.

It gets amazing powers from the continuous swell in the Southern Ocean. Other than that, it also has other beaches in the northwest. Western Australia is a true paradise for surfers, as it welcomes all kinds of surfers, from beginners to professionals. There are huge and thrilling waves that provide professional surfers with the perfect challenge. However, there are many places for beginners to learn about surfing, get valuable tips, and practice on the gentle waves to sharpen their surfing skills.

Here, in this detailed guide, we will deliver you valuable and complete knowledge about how to get there, the best surfing spots, what will be the best time for you to visit, some great places to stay, and the finest restaurants to have a delicious meal. After all, you will need the energy to face some amazing waves in Western Australia. So, read the information given below and start packing your bags for the adventurous time you and your friends and family are about to have.

Life is a lot like surfing...When you get caught in the impact zone, you've got to just get back up. Because you never know what may be over the next wave. - Bethany Hamilton

How To Reach Western Australia?

How To Reach Western Australia

Even though Western Australia is extremely large, one won’t have any trouble reaching there. There are several airports located throughout the state. Perth Airport, Albany Airport, and Broome International Airport are some of the main international airports. Choosing any of these airports can help you and your family get to Western Australia. Perth Airport is located just 11 kilometres away from the heart of Perth city. Broome International Airport is the largest regional airport and Australia’s north-west gateway to the Kimberley. However, aeroplanes are not the only way to get here. 

Another popular way, which is very suitable for people who have trouble travelling by plane, is to take the option of a train. The Indian Pacific is pretty famous for being one of the greatest and longest train journeys in the world. This provides you with an opportunity to travel across the vast continent of Australia. If you take a train from Sydney to Perth, you will have to travel approximately 4,400 kilometres, during which time you will get to see the amazing mountains and stunning landscapes. You will also get the chance to travel on the famous Nullarbor Plain, where the train journeys through the longest straight stretch of railway track in the world, covering about 480 kilometres of distance.

Perfect Time To Surf In Western Australia

Perfect Time To Surf In Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the most popular places in the world to go surfing. But it is really important to plan your trip accordingly. The size of the waves depends on the winds and whether the current blows harder for a long period of time over a specifically large area. The patterns of the waves tend to change with the winds of the season. The seasons in Australia are reversed to those in the northern hemisphere. Below, you will find information about the waves according to the seasons. So that it will be easy for you to decide which months you should visit to be involved in surfing.

1. Summer

Summer in Australia begins in the month of December and continues throughout January and February. During the summer months, the winds are quite strong, which becomes a major problem for experiencing good surfing. The powerful wind pushes the waves from behind, making them collapse very quickly. So it does not give you enough time to surf on the waves. These winds usually start in the morning around 9 a.m. and keep blowing with speed until the evening. If you want to surf, then the best time will be in the early morning. However, during the summer season, the waves are smaller, so it will be good practice for beginners but not boring for the pros.

2. Autumn

The autumn season is also popularly known as the ‘Fall’ because the trees shed their leaves at this time of the year. This season begins just after the summer ends in Australia. It falls during the months of March, April, and May. The power and speed of the winds decrease a lot from the start of autumn. It helps in shaping up the breaks that are along the Western Australian coast, especially the sensitive beaches of the north of Perth. It is quite a fantastic time of the year for surfing, as the water is warm and there are constant waves that grow higher before falling.

3. Winter

Winter is the best season for surfing in Western Australia because of the strong south-west and south swells that appear only in the winter months. The winter months start in June and go on until July and August. During this time of the year, it is best if you visit the left-hand points of Barri and the Margaret River. Being in Perth can also be a great choice, as there are some great tides as well. It has consistent winds with high waves that provide the surfers with a perfect opportunity to surf on them.

4. Spring

The spring season is also called the “season of flowers.” The trees and bushes that lost their leaves in the autumn and winter seasons begin to grow new leaves with beautiful flowers. This is why spring is considered one of the most loved seasons of the year. Spring in Australia starts just after the winter ends in the months of September, October, and November. This season happens to be amazing in Western Australia, and the early springs are considered ideal for surfing. However, in late spring, in the middle of November, the winds really lost their speed, so the waves are not enjoyable for surfing.

Best Surfing Spots In Western Australia

Western Australia attracts a large number of locals and tourists from all over the world who get involved in the amazing experience of surfing. Any individual with any level of surfing knowledge, from beginners to professionals, must visit Western Australia. It has a large number of beaches, and each one of them offers a different kind of surfing experience. It is surely heaven for the pro surfers; however, the newbies can also enjoy surfing. Below, you will see some of the most famous and thrilling places where you can go to get involved in surfing.

1. Kalbarri

Kalbarri is also called The Barri by the locals. It is quite famous because of the left-point break, in which the surfers have to turn left to surf on the wave. The waves are formed by the distant groundswells that are hitting the cliffs of the Australian desert as they curve the land towards Kunbun Brook. The other reason for the formation of these waves is south swell systems. Some of the best waves can be found at Jake Point, which is located in the south of the town.

This is a perfect place for people who like to goof around by just having fun while surfing and playing in the water. One of the best things about this place is that it is an isolated place, so there is not a large crowd present. It will take 4 to 5 hours to drive if you head over here from Perth. This town has some amazing beaches like Red Bluff Beach, Blue Holes, Chinaman’s Beach, and Jakes Point (Jacques Point).

Name Directions Google Review
Red Bluff Beach Google Maps “Lovely beach for a afternoon walk, close tot the Red Bluff Tourist Park. Saw some interesting birds along the beach; beach stone curlew, Red Capped Plovers and Oyster Catchers.”
─ Kevin Brett
Blue Holes Google Maps “What a beautiful, peaceful place for you and the kids to snorkel around looking at all the varieties of fish living here. I must have counted at least 10 different species of fish of all shapes and sizes. Only a few minutes drive from Kalbarri and has reasonable parking and toilet facilities too.”
─ Steve Blackmore
Chinaman’s Beach Google Maps “Absolutely amazing little beach with showers and toilets and a single BBQ with 2 tables and a bin. Plenty of parking. So good for swimming.”
─ Paul Nelson
Jakes Point Google Maps “A beautiful place to take in the raw beauty and majesty of the surf, shore and cliffs. These images were taken around 7am in June.”
─ McNeill Real Estate

2. Perth

Perth is the main city of Western Australia. It is an extremely fun place, with white-sand beaches present everywhere on the complete western side. This iconic city has about twenty beautiful beaches that you can choose from. However, choosing between these options might get overwhelming, so here are a few names of the most famous beaches: Trigg Beach and Trigg Point, Leighton, Scarborough, and Port Beach. These beaches make it one of the best places to surf, as they give you the warm water of the Indian Ocean and are the most compatible surfing beaches in Australia.

Perth surf beaches can be the best opportunity for beginners and surfers with a little experience. This is a fantastic place to learn about surfing and have an unforgettable experience of surfing for the first time in your life, as it has beginner-friendly beaches. However, there are places that are suitable for pro surfers who are always seeking a challenge to raise their skills to the next level. Perth is surely a perfect destination for surfers looking for a memorable adventure.

Name Directions Google Review
Trigg Point Google Maps “A beautiful spot to walk, the sunsets are just divine, big parks and toilets onsite. One of my favourite places to exercise after a day at work.”
─ Kylie
Scarborough Beach Google Maps “If you want to watch the smoothest, vivid sunset go there at dawn. The colours are unbelievable. Beach is great for a dip and picnic too.”
─ Joel Wilson
Leighton Beach Google Maps “Its a beach. Really clean as far as beaches go. There are signs up that say no access to dunes which makes one wonder if council understands the english language, but thats fine. Pretty.”
─ Ryan Simpkins
Port Beach Google Maps “No words or photos can explain how beautiful this beach is. Turquoise Waters and crisp white sands. Just go see it for yourselves. Recommend a weekday visit to avoid the crowds. Enjoy!”
─ Ashleigh Swartz

3. Margaret River

Even though there is a river in the name, it is not a river. Margaret River is the name of a town that occupies about 100 miles of Western Australia. It is truly an important and remarkable place in the state. This town is close to Perth and takes 2 to 3 hours to get here. There are a large number of beaches in this town, such as Wyalup-Rocky Point, Killalea Beach, also known as The Farm, Windmills, Yallingup, Boneyards, Pea Break, The Three Bears, Gallows, Indjidup, South Point, North Point, Mainbreak, Cobblestones, The Box, and Ellensbrook Mainbreak.

This town is also quite famous for holding the most professional surfing competitions. This region attracts a lot of people as well with its clean waters, stunning coastline, and refreshing atmosphere. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or a newbie looking to gain some experience, this is the perfect place for you. Margaret River offers an outstanding surfing experience in a breathtaking natural environment.

Name Directions Google Review
Wyalup-Rocky Point Google Maps “The setting is very picturesque, and there are a lot of things to see along the beach if you walk along it. This is a fantastic location for science enthusiasts, as the formations are quite remarkable.”
─ aqib khan
Killalea Beach Google Maps “One of the best beaches on the south coast. Simply stunning. Go on a weekday - it gets so packed on weekends.”
─ Maddy Ross
Windmills Beach Google Maps “Absolutely pristine and enchanting beach with large swath of awesome seashells, unique rock formations and even a blowhole you can get up and personal with! Our family discovered this place by chance after a sharp turn off to the left near the lighthouse carpark, and fell in love with it. The walk to the beach is charming too with a beautiful red rock structure to your left. I managed to add this location into Google Maps after the 2nd try, hope you love this secret beach too. And please take care of it!”
─ J Lim
Yallingup Beach Google Maps “My local beach. Love the lawn area. Great for setting up the chairs and watching the sun set with a few beers n food.”
─ Craig Maxwell

4. Geraldton

Geraldton is one of the few coastal cities located in the Midwest region and is about 418 kilometres (4 to 5 hours) away from Perth city. In Geraldton, you get to surf on the waves of the Indian Ocean. This place is very famous for both surfing and windsurfing because of its epic weather conditions, which make it a perfect place for the aforementioned activities. However, there are continuous hits from south-west and north-west swells from the Indian Ocean that keep disturbing the area of liquid ground and breaking the decent waves.

This process constantly happens all year. However, in the months of summer, the weather becomes quite windy, so it keeps the waves from getting broken. One of the best things about this destination is that it offers surfing for beginners and intermediate surfers. There are plenty of beaches for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. It has big and spacious beaches that provide a perfect opportunity for beginner surfers. Also, you can enjoy excellent windsurfing in the area.

Name Directions Google Review
Back Beach Google Maps “Much quieter than other Bremer beaches, easy 4wd, check the sand, may need to reduce tyre pressures a bit more if soft. Rocks to explore.”
─ Liz
Coronation Beach Google Maps “One of the best Windsurfing Beach in the World. From flat water to masthigh Waves. Wind from the left.”
─ Bruno Gubler
Sunset Beach Google Maps
Point Moore Google Maps “This place is so stunning and very precious. We have recently moved here and we are loving the Magnificent beauty that surrounds us.”
─ Nat Jane

5. Red Bluff

Red Bluff is located in a very remote location, which makes it a bit difficult to reach there. It takes about thirteen to fourteen hours to get here from Perth. However, it is perfect for people who love both surfing and long drives, as the journey will take you through some amazing landscapes, which will surely make your journey worth having. It is a fantastic place for surfing because the waves are challenging, but there is one thing that you need to keep in mind: the waves here are not suitable for beginners.

This place has left-hand waves that break when they hit rocky land. Apart from that, this location is truly breathtaking, as it gives off the look of a desert location. The expert waves provide professional surfers with a perfect opportunity to sharpen their surfing skills. It also has a few beaches, like Geraldton, Blowhole, and, of course, Red Bluff Beach. All of these make your drive worth it.

Name Directions Google Review
Red Bluff Beach Google Maps “Lovely beach for an afternoon walk, close to the Red Bluff Tourist Park. Saw some interesting birds along the beach; beach stone curlew, Red Capped Plovers, and Oyster Catchers.”
─ Kevin Brett
Geraldton Beach Google Maps “We came here twice, both eating at Dome café while enjoying the scenery.”
─ Xu Han
Blowhole Beach Google Maps “Good view and worth a look, you need a 4WD drive with 200mm clearance to get to the lower car park or it’s a big hike from the top car park. The views from the top are nice too, you can see KI and there are some friendly kangaroos that don’t mind a photo.”
─ b fleval

Most Reasonable Places to Stay in Western Australia

Most Reasonable Places to Stay in Western Australia

Western Australia is a gigantic place with a large number of beaches, and visiting the beaches there for an amazing surfing adventure cannot be done in a single day. You will need to plan for a multiple-day trip so you can take your time to enjoy each place to the fullest. You will need a place to stay and spend the night while you are in Western Australia. The good news for you is that there are a number of hotels where you can find accommodation. Each one of these hotels attracts a large number of visitors since the area is highly popular with surfers. Here, you will find some of the most suitable hotels that will be comfortable for you.

1. The Great Southern Hotel Perth

The Great Southern Hotel is one of the most renowned hotel chains. This hotel can be found in other cities as well, like Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. It is highly renowned for its amazing and affordable accommodation, which has managed to build a place in everyone’s hearts. One of the best things about this hotel branch in Perth is that a person can easily cover the distance by taking a short walk, as it is only about a kilometre from the Perth CBD (Central Business District).

This is an amazing hotel that provides you with lots of fantastic features such as a digital LCD television, electronic security, free Wi-Fi, a hair dryer, an iron and ironing board, an air-conditioning and heating system, an in-room safe, a key card entrance, an in-room basin, a shower, and a work desk. The rooms offer different kinds of beds according to your demands and are subject to availability. There are queen beds, twin beds, and zip-king beds available in this hotel.

Name The Great Southern Hotel Perth
Website greatsouthernhotel.com.au
Address 15 Robinson Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Perth 1.0 km
Opening Hours Check-in time: 2:00 pm
Check-out time: 10:00 am
Phone Number +61893280000
Nearby Attractions Elizabeth Quay, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Yagan Square
Facilities Free Wi-Fi, Paid parking, Accessible, Paid breakfast, Child-friendly, Air-conditioned, Wheelchair accessible, Bar, Restaurant
Review on Google – “This Hotel is amazing!! The staff is really friendly and can provide good advice for local sightseeing. The lobby is beautiful and all the electric doors are so cool! The room is clean and tidy with supplies. I booked again after yesterday. The location of the hotel is also great, easier to many places, Thanks!” – Mandy Liu

2. Margarets Beach Resort

If you are seeking accommodation on the Margaret River, then this place is perfect for you. Margarets Beach Resort is just a little far away from the town, but it has an amazing site as it is located on the spectacular South West Coast in Western Australia, which is only 600 metres away from the pristine Gnarabup Beach. It is also the only resort that can provide accommodations near the sea. This place has some outstanding rooms and offers incredible services that make it one of the best beach resorts in Western Australia.

Lots of people, including newlywed couples and families, come to this resort to spend an incredible time here and make great memories. It also has a popular Margaret River Wine Region where you can enjoy the delectable wines that the outstanding wineries have to offer. Margarets Beach Resort also has nature walks, caves, and national parks that attract a large number of tourists.

Name Margarets Beach Resort
Website margaretsbeachresort.com.au
Address 1 Resort Place, Gnarabup Beach, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Margaret River 9.6 km
Opening Hours

Check-in time: 2:30 pm

Check-out time: 10:00 am

Phone Number +61897571227
Nearby Attractions Margaret River Mouth Viewpoint, A Maze'n Margaret River, Kevill Road Waterfall
Facilities Free Wi-Fi Internet, Free Car Parking, BBQ Facilities, Heated Pool
Review on Google – “Such great value and perfectly located if you are wanting to be by the beach. Even better is the local bar/restaurant “the common” is right there! Food is awesome and so are the drinks! Great place to set and watch the sunset too!” – Claire Wylie

3. Kalbarri Palm Resort

The next on our list is the Kalbarri Palm Resort, which is located in the town of ‘Kalbarri’ in Australia. This resort is really close to the town, and you can easily cover the distance just by walking. It provides you with a great view of watching the magnificent Murchison River meet with the marvellous Indian Ocean. The climate is one of the plus points here, as it has warm subtropical spaces that have zero humidity and the finest of ocean breezes, making your stay very comfortable.

The main reason to stay in the resort is to stay in comfortable rooms, and the Kalbarri Palm Resort offers a wide range of satisfying types of motel suites and apartments. These rooms also have various kinds of facilities available, like WiFi, an outdoor pool, a hot tub, child-friendly rooms, parking space, air conditioning, a kitchen in some rooms, and beach access. However, they do have a restriction for pets. Apart from the facilities, there are a variety of rooms, like 2-bedroom villas and studio accommodations.

Name Kalbarri Palm Resort
Website palmresort.com.au
Address 8 Porter St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Kalbarri 240.0 m
Opening Hours

Check-in time: 2:00 pm

Check-out time: 10:00 am

Phone Number +61899372333
Nearby Attractions Pot Alley, Meanarra Hill Lookout (Mallee Fowl walk), Red Bluff Lookout
Facilities Outdoor pool, Free parking, Great location, Great service, Free Wi-Fi, Child friendly, Kitchens in some rooms, Restaurant
Review on Google – “Very well equipped nice cold aircon comfy beds and clean and good full-size fridge amazing size for a two bedroom close to everything staff are very friendly and the pool is very nice and refreshing as well as a good close up with the kangaroos” – Grace Coates

4. Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park

This is a popular park located on the road to Red Bluff Beach. This park is specially built to increase the beauty of the site. It has plenty of units built in here, and each one of them has a two-bedroom with premium style. These units are highly desirable as they are luxurious and spacious, which provides you and your family with every kind of comfort. Everyone is welcome at this park; it is available for couples, groups of friends, campers, and surfers.

Their rooms also have spacious showers and an internally built storage area that is completely secure. This place provides a lot of facilities, like air-conditioned rooms, a place for a barbeque, a camp kitchen, clean and hygienic drinking water, free parking space for your vehicles, free wifi, a spa bath, laundry facilities, swimming pool areas, and the best part is that you are allowed to bring your pets as well. You will surely enjoy your stay here, so make sure that you check out this place.

Name Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist Park
Website summerstar.com.au
Address Red Bluff Beach Rd, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Red Bluff 140.0 m
Opening Hours

Monday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Friday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Sunday: 8:30 am–6 pm

Phone Number +61899187100
Nearby Attractions Red Bluff Lookout, Jakes Point, Kalbarri
Facilities Free Wi-Fi, Air-conditioned, Beach Access, Pool, Free parking

Review on Google – “One of the nicest parks I’ve stayed at. Peaceful, amazingly well maintained, a really lovely atmosphere. Great spot too, out of the busy-ness of Kalbarri but near the stunning beaches at Red Bluff. Highly recommend.” – Jo Larvin

5. Mantra Geraldton

Mantra Geraldton is an iconic hotel that is located on the mid-west coast of Western Australia. It provides its visitors with an amazing location with some of the best and most unique attractions in that region. There is a wide range of apartments, and each one of them contains lots of space for you and your friends and family to have a comfortable stay there. You can choose the size of your apartment according to your budget; they have 1, 2, and even 3-bedroom apartments.

These bedrooms also have king-size beds, a fully operational kitchen, internet access, and your own private balconies. Other than that, they also provide you with laundry services, an open-area swimming pool, free car parking, free wifi, fully air-conditioned rooms, and strict rules against smoking. The only drawback of this place is that it won’t allow you to bring pets. One of the best things about this place is that it will only take a short walk to get here. You can be involved in plenty of activities like fishing, diving, swimming, and definitely windsurfing and surfing.

Name Mantra Geraldton
Website all.accor.com
Address 221 Foreshore Dr, Geraldton WA 6530, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geraldton 1.1 km
Opening Hours Check-in time: 2:00 pm
Check-out time: 10:00 am
Phone Number +61899561300
Nearby Attractions The Esplanade, Wishing Well Lookout, Town Beach
Facilities Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor pool, Free parking
Review on Google – “The apartment we had for one night was just extraordinary. It was very large with a comfortable bed and all the facilities one could want. It was clean and tidy and if needed we could cook in or do our laundry.Would come again.” – Ted Johnston

Locations for Eating and Drinking in Western Australia

Surfing is an extreme sport that takes a lot of energy. Many people, including surfers, are not aware of the fact that it is also considered an amazing cardio workout that can help you achieve a great physique and fitness. It demands loads of physical power, and to have that kind of strength, you will need to eat. There are more than a thousand restaurants in Western Australia. But you do not have to worry about which one to choose because below we have mentioned some of the most famous restaurants that will provide you with mouthwatering meals and delectable drinks.

1. Upstairs Restaurant

The Upstairs Restaurant is located in the heart of Kalbarri town and claims to provide you with the most magnificent flavours of meals that you can enjoy with an amazing view. They are also highly popular for their amazing services. It is pretty casual and still known to be an elegant restaurant that serves delicious modern Australian cuisine. This place also has some of the most flavorful wine collections from all over the world, and nothing could be better than having a tasty meal with wine.

However, if you are not a big wine fanatic, then you should try their local chilled beers and handmade cocktails. This place lets you enjoy your mouth-watering food while appreciating the beautiful balcony that displays the stunning view of the Murchison River. They also give you options to choose whether you want to have your food indoors or outdoors with your loved ones, like your friends and family.

Name Upstairs Club
Website kalbarrirestaurant.com.au
Address Shop 3/10 Porter St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Kalbarri 70.0 m
Opening Hours

Monday: 5 pm–9 pm

Tuesday: 5 pm–9 pm

Wednesday: 5 pm–9 pm

Thursday: 5 pm–9 pm

Friday: 5 pm–9 pm

Saturday: 5 pm–9 pm

Sunday: Closed

Phone Number +61408367488
Nearby Attractions Mushroom Rock, Island Rock Lookout, Rainbow Valley
Review on Google – “Loved our meals here! Seafood platter was amazing, attentive staff, great vibe. We will be back next time we are in town.” – Gypsy Maree

2. Angel Falls Grill

The perfect place for people who love to eat meat is Angel Falls Grill, which is considered the best steakhouse house in Perth. They have a menu that can make anyone’s mouth water with its delicious items. You can spot some of the best grilled, smoked, and juicy steaks with their signature dish, chorizo. They have a variety of special sauces and corn products, specifically from Venezuelans.

If you are someone who is a fan of South American food, this is a must-visit place for you, and if you have never had this type of food, then it is highly recommended that you try the cuisine and delectable flavours that this place has to offer. The staff is very friendly, and they make sure that you leave your seat with satisfaction and a smile on your face. They use corn-based recipes that are passed down from old families, and the best part is that they are completely natural and free of gluten.

Name Angel Falls Grill
Website angelfallsgrill.com.au
Address Shop/16 Shafto Ln, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Perth 1.1 km
Opening Hours

Monday: 11:30 am–2 pm, 5 pm–8 pm

Tuesday: 11:30 am–2 pm, 5 pm–8 pm

Wednesday: 11:30 am–2 pm, 5 pm–8 pm

Thursday: 11:30 am–2 pm, 5 pm–8 pm

Friday: 11:30 am–2 pm, 4:30–9:15 pm

Saturday: 12 pm–9:15 pm

Sunday: 12 pm-8 pm

Phone Number +61894687177
Nearby Attractions Barrack Street Jetty, Jacob's Ladder, The Bell Tower
Review on Google – “We had a wonderful meal. Bryan our waiter was fabulous, provided great service and excellent menu recommendations. Cocktails were delicious, as was the well-priced wine. The Araguaney sharing board was amazing – highly recommend it. Great place! We’ll be back.” – Melinda Brown

3. Teddis Big Spoon

Teddis Big Spoon is quite a popular restaurant in Margaret River. It is the best barbeque restaurant based on the Korean BBQ theme. One of the best things about this place is that it is a BYO (bring your own) restaurant. So you can carry your food to this place for a barbeque party. Other than that, Teddis Big Spoon provides you with some fresh ingredients that are produced locally. They also serve you great-quality, juicy meat. They are very proud of the authenticity and originality of Korean BBQ dishes.

The chefs cook the food with pure dedication to make a perfect meal for you. They put their heart and soul into making the food so that you and your friends and family can enjoy every single bite of it to the fullest and will leave an aftertaste that will remind you of this outstanding place for a long time. The atmosphere and environment of this restaurant are very friendly, which makes it perfect for families to get together and make great memories together.

Name Teddis Big Spoon
Website teddisbigspoon.com.au
Address 113A Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Margaret River 1.5 km
Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 12–8:30 pm

Thursday: 12–8:30 pm

Friday: 12–8:30 pm

Saturday: 12–8:30 pm

Sunday: 12–8:30 pm

Phone Number +61897588443
Nearby Attractions Giant Hedge Maze, Lover's bench, Margaret River Viewing Deck
Review on Google – “We went here on a trip to Margaret River a few years ago and this place really stuck in my mind. The food was just delicious and the servings were generous. Fortunately I came back today and the same is still true. The food is really delicious and different to the usual fare. Definitely give them a go – you won’t regret it.” – Nick Martin

4. Skeetas Restaurant Bar & Cafe

When you visit Geraldton for surfing do not miss out on the chance to visit this amazing restaurant that has been considered as one of the best restaurants for more than 30 years. It is located in the heart of Geraldton’s new marina district. The reason for this becoming such a popular and famous place is because of its delectable meals and marvellous wines. This place has become an important part of the locals. The native people here have been dining here for over three decades.

This restaurant is run by a well-respected family and they are really proud of the fact that they continuously spread happiness and put smiles on people’s faces with their yummy foods and drinks. Lots of tourists from all over the place come to this place to satisfy their hunger and make their taste buds happier. They have a massive variety of dishes and each one of them plays its part in contributing to displaying the vibrant culinary culture of Geraldton. 

Name Skeetas Restaurant Bar & Cafe
Website skeetas.com.au
Address 3/219 Foreshore Dr, Geraldton WA 6530
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Geraldton 1.0 km
Opening Hours

Monday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Tuesday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Wednesday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Thursday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Friday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Saturday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Sunday: 6:30 am–11 pm

Phone Number +61899641619
Nearby Attractions St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Museum of Geraldton, HMAS Sydney II Memorial
Review on Google – “We loved the scallops in bacon & crab linguine so much and the coconut lemon mojito was delicious. We loved it so much during our stop from Perth to Exmouth that we came back on the way back to Perth for the same dinner.” – Lesa Mclennan

5. The Jetty Seafood Shack

The Jetty Seafood Shack is a popular restaurant located in Grey St. It is just a little further away from the red bluff beach. This place is quite famous for providing their customers with the best quality and extremely delicious seafood. It is run by Martin and Ellen and they welcome everyone with open gates. The staff members are also very welcoming and polite with the customers giving their visitors a friendly service and mouth-watering food. You will find several dishes all made from Australian fishes.

They only prefer to use West Australian fish and never use anything else by replacing fish. They make sure that their customers get the things that they desire and pay for. You can book your seat online and can even order food through phone calls. They have an amazing view that you and your friends and family can enjoy by sitting in the beautiful outside area as they have comfortable tables and chairs where you all can sit together and spend some quality time while having a delicious meal.

Name The Jetty Seafood Shack
Website kalbarri.org.au
Address 1/166 Grey St, Kalbarri WA 6536, Australia
Directions Google Maps
Distance From Red Bluff Beach 5.9 km
Opening Hours

Monday: 4:30–8 pm

Tuesday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

Wednesday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

Thursday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

Friday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

Saturday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

Sunday: 11 am–2 pm, 4:30–8 pm

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Nearby Attractions Meanarra Hill Lookout (Mallee Fowl walk), Rainbow Valley, Red Bluff Beach Road view point Kalbarri
Review on Google – “Have travelled a lot and the fish here was amazing! Just melted in your mouth! Pineapple fritter wasn’t bad either and can’t forget the great tartare sauce. The chips were just chips but the rest were superb. Not too long of a wait and staff were friendly when having a chat.” – Brenton Ward


As your journey of surfing in Western Australia comes to an end, It is time for you to remember all the great new memories that you created while you were surfing the waves and the incredible experiences that you gained. From the beautiful beaches in Kalbarri to the untouched shores of Margaret, you have engaged yourself in a surfer’s paradise. The challenging waves, stunning landscapes, delicious foods, and amazing places to stay will surely leave an unforgettable spot in your heart. The thrills of surfing and the new bonds of friendship that you make with other surfers will give you a feeling of achievement.

Western Australia is not just a place for surfing; it can also give you an experience that will surely transform you into a new person and spark your passion for the sport. It can also make you wonder about the wonders of the oceans and the mysteries hidden in them. So, get ready to collect the gear and book your tickets, as you will have the ultimate surfing adventure in Western Australia. It is time to ride on the endless waves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Australia is a highly popular country for surfing. It has a huge number of beaches. To this moment, the unit has recorded ten thousand, six hundred and eighty-five beaches. Almost every beach is known to have killer waves on it, so it is no surprise that surfing has become essentially a way of life for many locals in Australia.
The Gold Coast is a city known for its surfing culture. It has a popular history for surfing and is globally acknowledged as the surf city. It also held multiple national and international world surfing champions competitions and has some of the best surfing waves on the planet.
Australia has some of the best places for beginners to learn surfing and sharpen their skills. Nobby Beach and Merewether Beach are two of the most popular beaches for newbies to practise surfing, as they are the safest places in Australia. The waves on these beaches are very friendly and have plenty of space to paddle out. In addition, lifeguards are always on patrol for the whole year.
Torquay is home to the most famous Bell’s Beach, which is famous worldwide for its primary surf brands. This makes this place the surfing capital of Australia.
The biggest wave in Western Australia (WA) is popularly called “The Right.” It is a fact that the right is the most powerful and dangerous wave that appears on the southern coast of Western Australia. This wave is created by the unique underwater rock formations that result in a focused incoming tide that is a very steep and swift wave.
The United States of America might be the first, but Australia has the second-largest population of surfers in the world. Queensland’s Gold Coast is home to a larger number of surfers than any other average per-person place in the world. So, if you are seeking a place to ride waves on your holidays, Then surfing in Australia is the ideal option for you.

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